How can we understand where we are? | November 9, 2017

We have invited Ioana Pielescu to the Coaching Support Group on November 9th. Ioana will guide us to a journey to find out how can we understand where we are.

Below are few thoughts that Ioana had to share with us to set the scene to what is to come: “To understand where you are, but most important to be able to grasp the future, possible you equal the most valuable achievement in someone’s life.”

Humans are the big disappointment source for most of us, but when we discover and recognize the evolution level of each person we will be able to reset expectations, help when asked and ignore when nothing else works….

The master who helped me start driving on this road is David R Hawkins – and I am delighted to share my experience.  He created a scale of consciousness levels and understanding that and being able to work with it gives us the ability to relate better, to invest our effort and energy more efficient: for our evolution and for all human interactions. Knowing where you are on the development path gives us the perspective of the next steps, the motivation to go forward and the means to reach a higher level.”

So if you want to understand where you are now, how important are you for the world around you join us and Ioana on November 9th.

Event schedule:

18:30-18:45:   Participants registration. Networking.

18:45-19:00:   Guests and team presentation.

19:00-20:00:   Session with Ioana Pielescu.

20:00-20:15    Networking

20:15-21:00    MasterMind Group

You can register only with this form and the participation fee is 30 lei. The number of places is limited. You can register here.

Address: SanThe, Lipscani street, no.104


  • Cu o vechime de peste șase ani în România, evenimentul lunar de coaching din București, este o inițiativă a școlii de coaching Noble Manhattan. Echipa de organizare este coordonată de Cristina Eremia– President & Coach Support Leader și membrii ei sunt:  Oana Cehan – Vicepresident, Mihaela Stancu – IT Manager,  Olivia Nicula – Education Manager, Andreea Petrescu – Talks & Treasury Manager,  Raluca Maria Georgescu – PR Manager,  Georgiana Ghita – Photographer
  • Grupul se adresează practicanților de coaching: persoane care urmează o formare în coaching sau au finalizat deja o școală de coaching, dar și celor care vor să afle mai multe despre coaching sau vor să beneficieze de o ședință de coaching gratuită și să participe la grupurile MasterMind.


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