Ioana Pielescu – the guest of November

In November at Bucharest Coaching Support Group we have invited Ioana Pielescu. She described herself in an innovative way below.


Ioana Pielescu: the main 3 parts of human development: Professional, Personal and Self Development.



Professional Development

  • Love creating and delivering trainings!
  • Love sharing and help growing!
  • 12 years of entrepreneurship (including sales, marketing, management, financials…. and so on)
  • 14 years of training
  • 3 years marketing management
  • 3 years of sales

Personal Development

  • Few friends, lots of acquaintances….
  • Love sharing, but struggling to become more selective!
  • Lucky I’m in love with my best friend!
  • 15 years of relationship
  • Friend with my parents (Mama and Papito)
  • Friend (still working) with my brother


  • Getting to know myself better!
  • Becoming my best friend!
  • Love spending time with myself: just being!
  • I wish I could say since I was born…. but only for the last 17 years.
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