Stanislav Georgiev si Stanimira Georgieva, invitati la intalnirea lunii noiembrie 2013

stanimiraSTANIMIRA (Tania) GEORGIEVA is Head of Human Resources Department and Vice President at UniCredit Consumer Financing IFN S.A. Romania. She is member of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), member of HR Club Romania, member of the Financial Committee of the American International School of Bucharest, co-founder of the Beghach running club.

Stanimira contributed with her deep HR expertise to the successful start-up and sustainable business in two companies in the financial field in Bulgaria and in Romania. Since 2009 she is successfully applying modern mentoring and coaching methods to support colleagues to their professional growth and career orientation as well as personal balance.

In 2012, she received, on the 9th edition of People for People Gala Romania, the award for The most involved employee in campaigns/projects, community targeting. Gala is the event that recognizes and rewards community involvement by providing all kinds of resources that companies, nonprofit organizations, volunteers and individual donors make available. The 80 projects nominated in the Gala mobilized resources worth over 12 million euro and 37 500 hours of volunteering.

The ultimate challenge came also in 2012, when she co-organized and participated to a 1000km biking and running twice the distance between Bucharest and Sofia within 1000Km Balkan Charity Challenge. The initiative supported social caused both in Romania and Bulgaria and fundraised total Euro 24000, rose charity and ecological awareness.  The second edition of the 1000km Balkan Charity Challenge is from 1st to 11th November 2013. An unforgettable experience for her is the unique charitable mountain run in the most beautiful trail in the Carpathian mountains in Romania – UniCreditLeasing Transmaraton 2013.

She believes that we, humans, can do and can be what we want and put faith on. We can grow and improve, for we all have unlimited potential. More we use of our recourses and more we experience, more we develop, more we enrich.

Life is a gift, therefore we are all gifted. It is our free choice and decision to act. The quality of the decisions we take determine the quality of our life. Every life is precious. Knowing that we do not have equal chances in this life, the more we increase our level of consciousness, more we understand that we are all One. Stanimira found what the enormous meaning in her life the giving can bring.

Tania speaks 5 Languages: Bulgarian, English,  Italian,  Romanian , Russian

Family, Hobbies, Passions: Mother of 2 daughters Alexandra 7y and Vassilena 17y. Stanimira and her family are supporting and are actively participating in various Corporate and Social Responsibility events and community projects, especially the ones focused on Environment, Child care and Children Educational and Development Programs, holistic approach for people development. In 2012 the family creates “Alexandra Fund” named after the little daughter Alexandra, a special donation account within the Bucharest Community Foundation for supporting projects aiming to help education for disadvantaged children in Romania. Vassilena is actively contributing with her movie making skills in the promotion of the charity campaigns and she turns her horseback riding passion in therapy for children patients of Hospice Casa Sperantei in Bucharest.

Together with her husband Stanislav Georgiev they are passionate high altitude mountaineers – successful expeditions in Month Blanc 4 810m, Alps, Mount Damavand 5 610, Iran, the highest volcano in Asia, the Andes, South America reached above 6 150m, and dedicate their marathon runs to charity.



EXTREME / ENDURANCE HISTORY – Active extreme/endurance sports agenda since 2009 (5Y) triggered by personal drive for a balanced, holistic and meaningful life –  Over 25 road and mountain ultra-marathons, marathons and trails and dozens of semi marathons and smaller distance races –  Successful finisher of the 1st edition of 1000km Balkan charity challenge in 2012 – High altitude mountain climbing since 2010 having the following successful ascents: Lenin peak – Pamir Mt (7134m), Aconcagua (6962m) – up to 6550m, Elbrus (5642m), Damavand (5671m), Mont Blanc (4810m) – Triathlon racing since 2013 with 2 successful 70.3 Iron Man races

ORGANIZOR HISTORY  – One of the founders of ‘Begach’ running club in Bulgaria (  – Founder and Organizer of the first cross-country endurance challenge on the territory of Romania and Bulgaria ‘1000km Balkan Charity Challenge’ (  – Organizer of several high altitude mountain expeditions  – Organizer of a 70km charity ultra marathon Ploesti – Bucharest marathon in 2011

CHARITY ACTIVITY  – Believes that contributing to those in need is a responsible way to live a meaningful life – Believes that the sport arena is an appropriate ground for fund raising – Member in the managing boards of Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (BCAF) and Bucharest Community Foundation

PERSONAL DATA   – 48 years, born in 1965 in Pleven Bulgaria – Married with 4 children – Professional background – Economics and finance with 13Y experience as senior commercial banking manager in large multinational companies – A happy person.


Stanimira (Tani) si Stanislav sunt invitatii CSG Bucuresti la intalnirea lunii noiembrie. Citeste aici mai multe despre evenimentul cu tema „Familia: ghid pentru drumul spre succes si viata implinita”.

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